The strange fortune teller…

“Beware” (she’s evil).

She lives in the outer skirts of the town in a dark brown cabin were she tells fortunes. Cunningly, plotting what she’s going to do with you. Staring sharply, watching your every move. Lonely walking around twiddling her fingers. Before she walked around she whispered to herself. Suddely, she grins at me tigerly. Another thing was the mysterious crystal ball she gazed at it. Although the women looked scary, she wasn’t really. She’s in addition to my wicked old grandmar. She wasn’t beautiful she was ugly. The fortune teller demonstrates her magic powers to me. The atmosphere was turning up after a while. Despite all the big moles and the warts she’s actually alright.

“See you for now ha ha ha.”:):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):).

Scary granny

She had black scary rotten teeth. Excited, she lurked over the crystal ball. She whispered “come closer little boy”. She looked suspiciously at me like she wanted to kill me. I ran and I screamed “Help !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”
She shouted “why are you running away little boy?”

The fortune teller

After a while the fortune teller’s first customer arrived, and as the customer walked in, the fortune teller had a weird look on her face.S ometimes her thunderous laugh scared people away and they have never came back. After 3 mins the next customer was shouted. Braveley she came in and she was shocked to see an old wrinkly woman, then with loads of courage she stepped forward to find her fate and what a fate it was. The fortune teller said “you have got a nice future with an olimpic gold medal”

The gypsy

This mysterious woman had blood shot toes, paper thin hair. She gazed into her crystal stone ball (she was horribly freaky) “crest the world ” why was she staring in a crystal ball? Freely tanned face, dispite her many feet.

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The gypsy

She has dark black hair as straight as a ruler. Scared, she glimpsed in the shiny bright crystal ball (it is very magical) to see death!the hat that lay on her head was as white as snow. Her eyes dazzled in the moon light.

I tried to run but I couldn’t. My heart was banging in my chest. I panicked! I was scared but I didnt dare move she got more freaky by the minue=te. Now I wanted to die. My life was over and done with. I shouted “stop! Please.” She whispered “this is your life. And this is what’s going to happen.” She all ways tells the truth…

Who is it???

She is freaky. She wears a turban with 3 small coins on it. Freakishly she grabs her crystal ball off the floor and tells fortunes!!! Red as blood (apples…) her lipstick and nails are! After she has told a fortune she see’s either sorrow or greatness!!!”DO YOU THINK SHE IS WEIRD OR WHAT?!?!” “She wanted to be a fortune teller because that’s how weird she is!!” “Comment about me but don’t be OFFENSIVE like me”. Her crystal ball is basically a glass ball thats grey at the bottom with about 10 crystals in it”!”I say she’s weird ; she’s weird”!!! Thanks for reading about my creepy women blog! Comment on me to guess who she is!!!

By Kieran